LED Retrofitting Installations

Our Electricians Can Upgrade You to More Efficient LED Technology

What are the Benefits of LED Retrofitting?

  • LED fixtures use 75% less energy than traditional bulbs
  • Save money on your monthly electric bill
  • Require less maintenance due to longer-lasting bulbs
  • Brighter lighting that doesn’t break the bank

Frustrated with your monthly electric bill?

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We Can LED Retrofit Your…


We are able to install or replace a current ceiling fan in an existing location or add a completely new ceiling fan to any part of your home.

Office Building

Have a ceiling that stopped working? Have a ceiling fan that was improperly installed? We can help by fixing your current problem!


Want an easier way to control your ceiling fan speed and lighting? We can install a better system or wall switches that get rid of wireless remotes.

The Evolution of Lighting

Experience the LED Difference

Your monthly electric bill can skyrocket during hot summer months in Las Vegas leaving you with little-to-no-choice on paying it.

…there is a solution!

Retrofitting your home or commercial property can help to drive costs down for the long run. Not only are LED bulbs more efficient, they also emit a lot less heat which should help to keep your home or office cooler and keep cooling costs down.

You can rest easy knowing that your monthly electric costs will be lower than they currently are and that a retrofit installation will have a smaller carbon foot-print on the environment.



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