Ceiling Fan Installations & Repairs

We Help with Indoor and Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fan Installation Benefits

  • Create better air flow throughout to create a cooling effect
  • Can help to save money on monthly electric bills
  • Ceiling fans use less power than single or dual A/C units
  • Enjoy more of your home indoors/outdoors during warmer months

Indoor Ceiling Fan Install

Outdoor Ceiling Fan Install

Not sure whether you should invest in ceiling fans throughout your home? Our trained staff can help you keep your home cooler during hot summer months so you can enjoy more of your home. Give us a call at (702) 868-1304

Installation & Repair Services


We are able to install or replace a current ceiling fan in an existing location or add a completely new ceiling fan to any part of your home.


Have a ceiling that stopped working? Have a ceiling fan that was improperly installed? We can help by fixing your current problem!


Want an easier way to control your ceiling fan speed and lighting? We can install a better system or wall switches that get rid of wireless remotes.

Our Installation Process

Before Installing…

Ensuring a safe ceiling fan install is our very first step:

  • Confirm that your ceiling fan won’t hang too low to risk injury
  • Confirm that your ceiling fan doesn’t hang from an angled roof/ceiling
  • Verify that ceiling is capable of holding 50+ lbs of weight

Installing the Fan…

Once we’ve selected the right fan(s) for the space:

  • Run the necessary electrical wires to power the fan and wall switches if applicable
  • Install and/or test a brace box capable of holding the weight of the ceiling fan

Finishing Up…

To ensure that you’ll be able to fully enjoy your ceiling fan, we run through a couple of tests before completing the job…

  • Test that wireless remotes work correctly
  • Test wall switches for light/fan activation
  • Test that ceiling fan does not wobble excessively

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