EVSE Home Installations & Repairs

Electric Car Charging Station Installations for Your Home

Benefits of EVSE Home Installations

  • Can charge your electric vehicle up to 4x faster
  • EVSE units have safety measures and failsafes so avoid voiding warranty
  • Help to avoid overheating of onboard car charging system
  • Can charge your car quickly overnight to save money by avoiding “peak hour” electricity pricing
Woman Using EVSE to Charge Electric Vehicle

Not sure whether you should invest in a home EVSE unit? Our trained electricians can help you determine the pros and cons of installing a dedicated charging station for your electric vehicle. Give us a call at (702) 868-1304

The Charger Your Electric Vehicle Probably Came With…

Standard Level 1 Car Charging Adapter

  • No installation required since it uses 120V standard wall outlet
  • Comes standard with your electric car; “trickle charges” at about 2-3 miles per hour of charge
  • Great for overnight charging if you don’t drive a lot every day
  • Note: Can be expensive if you are still charging your car during “peak hour” electricity pricing

The Better Electric Electric Vehicle Charger We Can Install…

Upgraded Level 2 EVSE Charger

  • Can help you avoid paying “peak hour” electricity rates
  • Can be “wall mounted” or “connected” if you might be moving homes soon
  • More electric output setup from your breaker means quicker charging
  • Great for 4x quicker charging and ideal for multiple electric cars

Contact Us for Your Electric Car Charging Needs

Just bought an electric car and want to have the option of charging your car faster? We can help! We’ll get you setup with a Level 2 charging station that replaces the slow Level 1 charger your car came with. Call us at (702) 868-1304

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